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Welcome to Sigma Cooler
In this fast growing world, in shortage of time, all are searching for a one-stop place for a complete solution for their requirement of Air Cooling System. If all their requirements are satisfied in one place, that is all under one roof, they will be very happy. Today expert's right choice for their search of A to Z in a cooling system is at SIGMA COOLER by Sigma Enterprises.

Sigma Enterprises, We are one of the rajasthan's famous & Largest Wooden Cooler Manufacturer and as a SIGMA Cooler , and we can provide a total solutions for any type of cooling Systems. It means the Wooden Body Cooler, Plastic Body Cooler, beneficial for domestic use and Central Air Cooling Unit for commercial or Industrial use and Any Type of Cooler Kit, Remote Control System for Cooler, Light, Fan, Chandelier etc. It is true that more producing add supply will not fulfill an ultimate consumer's hunger. Life long solution for his problems is the responsibility of a genuine manufacturer and service provider..

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